• 1. When can I book an appointment with Guapa and Go?

    The Guapa and Go team are available for reservations 24 hours a day.

  • 2. Do you offer reservations at the weekend?

    Yes, the Guapa and Go team are available 7 days a week.

  • 3. Do you come to Leganés?

    Guapa and Go begins it’s service in Spain in the Madrid region. However, additional location charges may be added to reservations outside our basic service area. For a complete description of the different areas, visit the location area page on the Guapa and Go website.

    If your location doesn’t appear, contact our customer service team to recommend this new location.

  • 4. Can I ask a specific stylist to come to my appointment?

    The spirit of Guapa and Go is born as a universal service, in which you can rest assured that the quality of the service and materials we use is always of the highest value, regardless of the stylist that attends your appointment.

  • 5. What are the terms of payment?

    With all appointments for Guapa and Go we can only accept 100% of the fee in order to make a reservation with our service.

    For cancellations, if it is more than 24 hours before the appointment, 100% of the amount is refunded. In cases where the cancelation is made within 24 hours of the appointment, 50% of the fee will be refunded. If a cancelation is made with less than 6 hours before the appointment, no amount is refunded.

    In cases where the appointment has been cancelled by Guapa and Go, 100% of the amount will be refunded to the client.

  • 6. What happens if the stylist is late for the appointment?

    In Guapa and Go we value punctuality as a basic aspect of our service, so if the stylist arrives more than five minutes late to their appointment, the client can choose whether to go ahead wit the service of cancel it. In the case of canceling the appointment in this instance, the client will be refunded 100% of the amount.

  • 7. What do bridal services consist of?

    We want to make sure you look the very best on the most important day of your life, and with our years of experience at Guapa and Go, we will manage your wedding day styling needs to suit your personal style, including makeup, hairdressing, nails and waxing.

    Ask for advice through the Weddings section of our website.

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